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Re: Expos need miracle to air in English

dan wrote:
>>...Chuck's wrong again.  ;-)

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine<<

good one, Dan.  but a subsequent off-list exchange with
one of the "flatlanders" on the list has indeed revealed
that there are communities in Maine in which French is
very possibly the majority tongue.
  i stand by my assertion that there are rated areas in
not just Maine, but other parts of the country as well,
where English may be the language of record, but not the
absolute majority of native tongues.
  and with that in mind, to my original post:  Puerto 
Rico as market #13...???  check the format breakdowns of
the market.  the stations, with only a couple of 
exceptions, are Spanish.  (go figure... ;-)  )
   when i'm wrong, i'll admit it, Dan.  thanks for your
offer of help, though.

- -Chuck Igo