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Re: New voice on Oldies

Why don't they just automate?  Cool 96.5 is fully automated most nights
(Konrad Kane is only live on Fridays) and stays that way until 6 a.m.  The
rest of the time all the music, jingles, sweepers, liners, spot breaks, etc
are automated with "breaks" built in for the jocks to do their thing.
This year the Saturday Night Sock Hop on WCAP will be fully automated
(except for my live drops) using a $99 program called "Web Jockey"
-gary francis

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> On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 03:38:20 -0500 "Joseph Pappalardo"
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> > LAst night I tuned in from about 2:15 to 3:15 AM and heard.....No
> > one!
> >
> > First time I've heard WODS jock-less.
> >
> > JP
> They have been using "button pushers" since Jay left,  a real sore spot
> with the union.
> df
> >