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In a message dated 3/18/01 7:45:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Dan.Strassberg@att.net writes:

<< No. I think you have Snyder confused with Disk Syatt who ran a 
 dating show for many years on WRKO. (As far as I know, the time for the
 _show_ was brokered--the time for the dates was not, but then, who can be
 sure?)  >>

Correct....it was Dick Syatt.... for many years on WRKO.   However, it was 
not "brokered time".  Dick advertised his dances at a few locations weekly, 
money was paid by the places (Vincent's in Randolph, for one) to WRKO with a 
big slice to Syatt as talent fee, and then admission prices to dances (about 
$5.00) were split between Syatt and the place.   It was a good deal for the 
dances, as they actually served what could be (if one goes back for seconds) 
a full dinner; if one got there before 9:30 PM.
Syatt's show has been off WRKO for years now, but the dances still are on, 
and doing well from what I hear.  -   Dick's "Hotline" show on WRKO was 
successful in tyhe 80's, but come the 90's it was not "hot" enough for a 
changing talk radio style. RKO killed it, then Dick went on to the "Talk 
America Network" in Marlboro (for about 10 weeks) and then decided radio 
wasn't worth it.   But then re-appeared for a short while on (I think) WKOX 
when it was still in English.