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No. I think you have Snyder confused with Disk Syatt who ran a brokered-time
dating show for many years on WRKO. (As far as I know, the time for the
_show_ was brokered--the time for the dates was not, but then, who can be
sure?) I would guess that if Bob Bittner's recollection is correct--that
Snyder's dating show was on a MetroWest station--it would have been on one
of the incarnations of 1060, most likely WTTP. 1060 was WTTP in the early
80s, when Pat Whitley leased it from John Garabedian.


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>If I recall correctly, Snyder had a dating show on WRKO in the mid 1980s.
>And if my memory serves me correctly I believe that his show aired on
>Saturday mornings.
>Snyder mentioned and/or advertised his singles dances quite frequently on
>the WRKO show.
>At least I think I'm talking about the same person as everyone else?
>73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
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>> In a message dated 3/16/01 6:27:40 PM Eastern Standard Time,
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>> << I keep thinking of him in
>>  connection with a dating show. Moreover, I believe that
>>  someone named Mark Snyder had a program on WBET,  >>
>> It was a dating show.  He also ran singles dances in the mid-80's, and
>> personal ads publication into the eary 90's.(which boasted "Hundreds of
>> Singles Waiting to Meet YOU" on the cover.  -inside were about 60 ads).
>> > ----jibguy