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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

> The name itself is chosen to stick it to their apponents, implying that
> they are anti-life.

As with the other side....implying that they are anti-choice.

> Since most of the same people who call themselves
> "pro-life" are also in favor of the death penalty...

If you check with the major pro-life groups...including the largest in
Massachusetts....you will find that they are anti-death penealty AND
anti-euthanasia....i.e.pro-life.  (As I stated in a previous post)

> anti-choice is what
> they are.  And since I'm not a journalist, and I'm not doing neutral
> reporting, I can call them what I like.

As is your right.

However, the original point that someone asking if we need to bring in
politico barbs into a discussion about radio.

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