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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:

> I thought Politics was not to part of this group. I get really sick of the liberals on this board getting their little "digs" in when making comments on Radio. The above sentence could have been written without the words "anti-choice" without changing the meaning.

What "should" he have said?  "Pro-life?"  That's the way the extreme right wants to promote their position, because to them the issue of "life" is the most important.  "Anti-choice" is the opposite of "pro-choice" which is how the left promotes their position because
to them, the issue of "choice" is the most important.  Either one is acceptable IMHO.  Heck, I've heard media outlets call groups that believe in choice "pro-abortionists" even though that is inaccurate.  Many people who are "pro-choice" are against abortion, but
believe it should remain safe and legal.  This is a hot button issue, and no matter how someone, media or otherwise, describes your position, it will be tainted with some sort of bias that you may find offensive or agree with, depending on your view.

So what if Dan said "anti-choice?"  Just because that is how he chose to look at it does not mean he's "politicizing" this list.  I think it's interesting that certain people bring up "politicizing" when the discourse may not be exactly to their political thinking.

Mike Thomas