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RE: non-profit AND commercial radio

Don (and other geeks like me who wish to know more about the technical
side) -

The quick answer to your question is located here:

The FCC has many pages of information that you would likely enjoy
reading, including information on EIRP, interference, past/present
applications, new/changes to regulations, etc.

I'd start with

but others I enjoy greatly include (not all are FCC):

http://www.radiostation.com (especially John Kodis' locator page)

FM Database protected contour maps:

The official Boston-Radio-Interest pages (which have a tremendous amount
of historical information for much of New England):

I think this will answer many of the technical questions you may have.

-Peter Murray (N3IXY/1)
Arlington Heights, MA

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Exactly what are the different classes and what implications
have the classes for listeners?...