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Re: non-profit AND commercial radio

I'm surprised the FCC didn't try to move my station's
freq (WMWM 91.7 Salem) because of WUMB's arrival, with
WMWM on an adjacent channel... WUMB does pretty well
on the southern part of the North Shore, except in
parts of Salem itself when WMWM is on the air (and
thus you either can't pick WUMB up at all or it has
splatter from WMWM).

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

these other stations
> were displaced to the commercial band because of
> WUMB's arrival, from what I understand. WRBB is
> still operating at Class D status, if I recall; I am
> unsure of WBRS' power, though I'm surprised they
> found a frequency after being bumped, being so close
> to the city.

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