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talkin' the talk

Three items regarding locally-based talk radio:

--WRKO is moving sometime this week from 116
Huntington Ave. to Guest St. in Brighton (off the
Mass. Pike and near the Stockyard Restaurant). In
the process, WRKO's Howie Carr had to deal with 
non-working phones during the last part of his
show. Fortunately he had live guests on during his
last hour anyway. For a while during his 5 pm hour,
he and producer "Virgin Boy" talked to each other
and joked that it was "Listen Radio" not "Talk

(By the way, ever hear Jerry Williams mention the
early days of talk radio when stations weren't allowed
to put callers directly on the air? People would talk
to him and he would relate what they were saying to
the listeners.)

--Wanted to find WTKK's webpage yesterday; tried
http://www.fmtalk969.com and for some reason "Boston
Radio Watch" came up! Then tried http://www.wtkk.com
and that worked...

--WBZ's David Brudnoy had Chet Curtis on during his
8 pm hour. Was that "Auntie Donna" Halper I heard
calling in? :)

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