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Can't watch a sci-fi move, or ABC news without questioning what I see

This morning I was watching ABC News and there was a
story on an infant who was left out in the cold and
almost died. I believe the incident took place in

The report indicated that the body temperature of the
child had dropped to almost "half normal body


half of 98.6 F is NOT 49.3 F (because zero is not the
lowest point on the Fahrenheit scale)

half of 37   C is NOT 18.5 C (because zero is not the
lowest point on the Celsius scale)
half of 471 K  is  235.5 K.

235.5 K is equal to -37.5 C or - 35.5 F

My goodness that kid must have been  a lot colder than
we were led to believe.

On the other hand, if the incident was in Canada where
they use the Celsius scale, and assuming that the did
mean that half of 37 C was 18.5 C then that would be
65 F, which is a lot more believable than 49.3 F or   
-35.5 F.

Boy, did I wake up on the wrong side of the icebox
this morning. brrrrrrr


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