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Given the recent discussion on stations at the lower end of the FM spectrum,
it brought to mind a question I once asked someone (unfortunately, he didn't
have an answer at the time).  Forgive my ignorance in this matter, but I was
more involved with the on-air and business aspects of radio rather than the

Since VHF channel 6's audio can be heard at 87.7 MHz (and I think I was told
more specifically that the frequency was 87.75 MHz), does anyone know of any
non-comms or pirates who broadcast/have broadcasted on this frequency?  If
there aren't any non-comms at 87.7, is it because the FCC doesn't license
radio at that frequency and if that's the case, why are commercial radios
made to receive it -- since there are radios out there with a "TV band"?


--Keith Berman