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No Subject

NHPR has been mentioning Talk of the Nation as something new that the
schedule change will bring, although it's been part of the weekday
schedule since early November.

A number of the "new" weekend programs have appeared on NHPR's schedule
before:  Whad'ya Know? (1994-1999), On the Media (1994, 1996-1998),
Sound Money (1985-1990), and Mountain Stage (1994).

There's finally a name for the much-promoted new half-hour (M-F 6:30
p.m.) to be devoted to "the people and places that make New Hampshire
worth living in....with a broad view of the State's culture and heritage
and to introduce us to people who are making a difference in their
communities"--The Front Porch.  The first guest is to be poet Donald

Does anyone remember the program Minnesota Public Radio developed to
replace A Prairie Home Companion after Garrison Keillor decided he'd
retire to Denmark?  That's okay, I think all parties involved would
rather forget about it, too.  It was called Good Evening with Noah
Adams, and I bring it up because one of the featured guests (along with
Stan Freberg) on the very first show (November 21, 1987) was a New
Hampshire poet whose initials are D.H.--and it was not your humble
correspondent (who is not a poet and is cognizant of that situation).