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Fwd: Re: Power Increase Beyond Class of Station

> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> > What we need is for a millionaire Harvard graduate to 
> > buy the 95.3 on Agamenticus Hill, Maine, shut it down
> > and underwrite a power increase for WHRB in the
> > PPRoC.
> While I haven't consulted my fellow Trustees, I think we'd prefer to have
> the Maine station donated to us. That way, we could simulcast from both
> sites. 
> WHRB can never apply for a power increase as long as it is short-spaced to
Well, I did postulate that they could install a 
north-oriented DA near the Boston/Milton/Canton/Dedham
line that would not offer more interference to WBRU
than it does now.
"Synchronous" broadcasting by 2 or more stations on the
same FM frequency may be no better than the fabled
WLLH-AM 1400 setup in Lowell and Lawrence.  People 
living halfway between each or travelling where they
get input from both outlets can receive spurious noises.
I've experienced this when travelling from D.C. to
Filthydelphia;  NPR stations in both cities operate
on 90.9. 
By the way, I checked the latest ratings for Portsmouth,
and WUBB is a no-show...so the station serves virtually
no audience and simply exists to interfere with WHRB.
As Mel Blanc used to say: "Cy.".

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