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Re: Tango broadcasts

The host's name is Fernando Arredondo and the program 
used to air on WRCA 1330 Monday evenings from 5:30 to 
6:30. You could very easily be right that the program 
has moved to a different day and time on WUNR 1600. You 
might try calling WUNR.

In my search, I ran across the Web page of the Tango 
Society of Boston. I didn't capture the URL, but a 
search at Google.com for "tango radio Boston" (without 
the quotes) turned up over 100 links, including the one 
to the page where I found the listing for Arredondo's 

When you get to the Tango Society Web page, you'll find 
the number of a 24-hour recorded phone line that 
provides information on tango events in the Boston area. 
I didn't get the number down, but I remember that it 
ends in OCHO (6246). That isn't terribly useful--I don't 
even know the area code, but if it's 617, it will take 
you fewer than 1000 calls to find the right number ;-)

> There's a great tango broadcaster, a
> Ritz Carlton Hotel guy, whose love for tangos
> brought him to WRCA-AM Central Square Cambridge radio ?kHz
> where he did 30? minutes early Monday evenings ? question mark?
> The old recordings are terrific!
> What further information have you folks out there
> about the unique broadcast?...
> I'm trying to get the details sorted out
> about his move recently.
> WUNR-AM 1600 kHz ?
> Early Tuesday evenings ?
> He has a web site.
> I'm looking for the details.