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Re: Power Increase Beyond Class of Station

On 7 Feb 2001, at 10:48, hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:

> -->Is Agamenticus Hill a piece of dirt in York Ctr?

Since I don't live too far from it....  
(Travelogue mode on)
First of all, it is Mount Agamenticus, and it is a lot more than a 
piece of dirt.  As you go over the I-95 bridge between NH and 
Maine look slightly to your left.  Off in the distance you will see 
Mount Aggie and its fire tower (which is a real kick to climb if you 
don't get caught).  You can even drive up there by getting off at the 
York exit (the last one before the toll), turning left, then right on to 
Chase Pond Road which goes into Mount Agamenticus Road and 
to the road leading to the top, which I'm not sure is plowed in the 
winter.  On top you will find the fire tower and what used to be a ski 
lodge.  From there, on a good day, you can see a long ways into 
Massachusetts, up the coast to Portland, west to Mount 
Washington, and east to the Isle of Shoals.  As to the 95.3 tower, 
its not that noticeable.  Someday I'll take a picture and send it off 
to Scott for his collection.

Dan Cole,