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Re: WUMB, WMWM, and You

> I think it's what's refered to as a "satellite"
> station, although the use of the word "satellite"
> can be confusing here, since it does not apply in
> this usage to an object in orbit.

Your TV roots are showing, Larry!  :-)

The FCC only recognizes the "satellite" station nomenclature for TV,
where it describes a station like WCDC/Adams that doesn't have to 
follow the usual main-studio rules and such because all it does is
relay another station (Albany's WTEN in this case).  The idea was to bring
TV service to areas like Berkshire County that otherwise would have
been unable to support a station in the early days.

I don't know whether the FCC even still licenses new "satellite" TV
operations; I can say with certainty that the new Newburyport station,
like WBPR Worcester and WFPB/WFPB-FM on the Cape, will have to follow
all the usual rules that a full-power station must (although being
a noncomm, there's very little it will be required to do for its 
community of license, just park a public file at the local library
and offer a toll-free # to Dorchester and that's about it.)