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Re: Andy Moes Has Passed Away

I wake up this morning to find 2 people that used to hang around WMEX late
at night have passed away.

Andy first started hanging around WMEX in 1969 or so and this is when he
was in his privite eye mode while in school. You knew even back then that
he would make himself known.

The other death was comic Sandy Baron who along with others like Pat
Cooper used to guest on the Glick show every chance they could get. 

Just a sad day all around.


On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Mark wrote:

> Just saw on the news on WCVB Channel 5 that WRKO morning co-host Andy Moes
> has died of heart failure. He was 50.WRKO reports that he died in his sleep
> last night.WRKO is having a special tribute to him on the morning show as I
> post this.
> Mark Watson