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RE: Framingham station sale may shake up talk radio in Hub

--- dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> As for programming, even though Clear Channel allegedly 
> has 140 talkers, my bets are on syndicated sports talk. 

So are mine, but they'll probably have sports-oriented
Jim Rome and maybe another FSR show(Dan Patrick?) in
the line-up. Rush and Dr. Laura might also end up there
as CC has pulled them away from competitors in their other

This move(WKOX buy) also keeps Disney's ESPN Radio from landing
on a potential 50k station around Boston. It's almost
a definite CC is looking for another big deal here, they just
have to open their wallet a little wider...
The AMFM merger took a lot of time to get implmented
and they're only now done reseting regional management teams
and rolling out new programming strategies...

> My impression is that, among all of the execs at Clear 
> Channel, you probably couldn't scrape together a 
> nickel's worth of creativity or originality. These guys 
> simply play follow-the-leader, jumping to whatever is 
> hot this week. If my perception is right, sports talk is 
> a no brainer for WKOX because, indeed, no brains will be 
> used to design a format.

Suprisingly, they retained a number of talented
AMFM(formerly Evergreen/Chancellor) programmers and Randy
Michaels is still running their Jacor division so they
don't need a Howard Stern to keep them running...

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