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On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:58:53 -0500 "Chris Beckwith" <beckwith@ime.net>
> df wrote:
> > it was publically learned the networks were all using the same 
> outside source
> for their exit polling information, not inhouse data as had been 
> done in the
> past, the response from NBC and CNN?  a total of 700 layoffs 
> announced. <
> A bit of rhetorical overkill, I would say.  The layoffs are a 
> reflection of
> weak advertising revenues, not the errant electoral projections in 
> Florida.
> BTW, the NBC cutbacks also reflect sharply higher license fees for 
> prime-time
> dramas and comedies.  Today's Howie Carr column in the Herald 
> speculated that
> CNN Senior Analyst Jeff Greenfield's head is on the chopping block.  
> Look for
> the cutbacks to spread throughout television and radio as the 
> advertising
> recession deepens.  Is local TV news next to be sacrificed?

The fact remains, with fewer resources (read professional broadcasters)
available to the networks and yes local TV staions (look at the state of
radio for the future of local TV) the product will suffer and with a
lessened product will come lower revenues, fewer viewers more
layoffs....and so it goes.   Is it a stretch to compare the criticism
that the networks came under for all relying on the same company for
their information and the latest round of layoffs, I don't think so.  I
think you will see more reliance on these Outside Sources in the coming
years, not less and don't look for these 700 people to be rehired if and
when ad revenues come back up because that would deminish the
profitability of the property!


> Take care,
> Chris

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