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On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Dan Billings wrote:

> That's a debate between decisions management made about the market and a
> vocal minority.  Maine Public Radio made decisions based on ratings and
> fundraising during certain types of programming.  They determined that more
> people listen, and contribute, during their public affairs programming and
> that the audience for opera and classical music had dropped.  The people who
> liked the programming that was dropped are protesting, but their is no
> evidence that these people represent a majority of the Maine Public Radio's
> audience.

I can't say I know much about Maine audiences, but my impression is that
classical music doesn't mix well in general with anything except maybe
news. If you want to play classical, do it twenty-four hours a day; 
otherwise, dump it. Mixing classical programs with programs devoted to
other types of music does not work; it's like frosting a chocolate cake
with mustard.

Rob Landry