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Dan Billings replied to Sven Franklyn Weil:
>The people?  The way I see it is that people, represented by the ratings,
>decide what gets on the air in this country.  If a format gets a large
>audience of "the people" it's on the air.  If not, it's gone.
>The idea of a government agency deciding what someone should broadcast is
>downright scary to me.

I agree.  And the whole CanCon rules do nothing but force stations to play
a bunch of stiffs at the expense of legitimate hit songs.  Granted, it may
have provided forced exposure to a few legitimate talents, but the majority
of it is pretty mediocre stuff.

Imagine what the situation would have been if there had been AmCon content
laws in 1964.  More Bobby Rydell, Fabian & Pat Boone, less Beatles, Rolling
Stones & Dusty Springfield (less Herman's Hermits, too I suppose--guess
there's an upside to everything).  Or if the government had banned rock &
roll radio in the 50s because a bunch of old fudds were offended by Elvis.

As much as I sometimes wish the gov't would "do something" about trends I
don't care for, more socialism is not the answer.