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RE: New station on 88.7 (heard from Merrimack NH)

This is definitely a "local" signal. The signal has been steady for weeks.
I've ruled out Manchester. It appears to be coming from the South.

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--- Dave Markson <dmarkson@att.net> wrote:
> Anyone know what station is operating on 88.7 in the
> Southern NH area?

I've  heard this several times over the past year when
conditions have opened up, even just slightly. I don't
have my list with me, but if I recall correctly, it's
a station in Connecticut that has modest power but a
favorable path into southern New Hampshire. You are
correct, getting an ID from them is nearly impossible,
and I believe my method of ID'ing them was at first
indirectly through reading info on this or another
radio related list. When this station is coming in I
also typically start pickup up Long Island stations in
the 88-90 MHz region.

Derry NH

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