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Could Boston Drop Out of Top 10 After Census?

I believe it was during 1999 that the Boston radio 
market was geographically enhanced to keep it a 
"Top Ten Media Market".  According to www.rronline.com
Boston is a tight fit with several cities that have
populations in the 3.5-million neighborhood.  Recent
stories in the papers about the 2000 Census indicated 
that cities in the South and West have really burgeoned
(I assume they are referring to the metro areas as 
well as the city population figures.)  So it appears
likely that Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta
could bypass The Hub when all the numbers are in
(assuming there's no recount). Then again, is it 
possible that Detroit could slide backward...I don't
know.  Now that conglomerates own nearly everything,
it probably doesn't matter as much as it once did,
but "easy" ad dollars for Boston stations could 
slip, slip, slide away if the market becomes #11 or 12.

Laurence glavin
Methuen, MA  

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