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Re: WICE back on the air

     "WICE-FM" 89.3 is a "boot", or simply a station
with all the means to operate in Stereo on the FM
band...except one thing......no license :)!  It's a
good station, well done.  It is located on a tower in
Johnston, RI (the WPRO-FM site) and basically is
running automated adult-standards.  This is the same
station that got yanked off-the-air some time ago,
courtesy of the Funny Cookie Company.  But, since LPFM
has been all but struck down by the NAB'sters and the
NPR'ites ... I guess the operator is saying..."to hell
with it". 
     I have picked this station up, quite well, over
the past few weeks up here in Whitman, Massachusetts
(about 40 miles away).  Based upon the height of the
transmitter site and the coverage, I would venture to
guess that it is running about 10-20 watts.  Enjoy it
while you can!!  89.3 is slated to go to UMass/
Dartmouth's WSMU-FM (now on 91.1) sometime in the
not-too-distant future. 


--- "Larry A. Lovering" <lloverin@genuity.net> wrote:
> I've been hearing classic WICE jingles and big-band,
> easy listening music on
> 89.3 in Providence/Cranston this past week.  They've
> been IDing with classic
> 60s WICE jingles, without ID of the frequency. 
> Reception is in stereo, but
> seems to be low power.  Anyone know anything about
> this?  The MIT list
> doesn't show it as a station - is it a pirate?
> -Larry

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