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Re: CBS sounder

Richard Chonak wrote:

>I'm surprised at the criticism directed at
> the new CBS News intro. In my opinion,
> the old one sounded like an electronic
> siren, while the new one sounds like an
> actual bit of music.
>Of course, when the BBC gave up the
> march "Lily Marlene" for some new-agey
> tinkling on the synthesizer, *that* was a
> loss.   And they seem to have
> recognized that, 'cause they've gone on
> to some other replacement.

That tune, familiar to SWLs for generations,  is "Lilli Burlero," and is
more a folk song than a march, with lyrics born in Ulster in the 1840s
and  a melody composed by Henry Purcell. A search unearthed a page --
http://www.contemplator.com/folk2/lilli.html -- that will tell you more
than you possibly need to know about the song.