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Re: Kiss 108

This is probably temporary.  Since it's the week between Christmas and New
Years, Matty is usually on vacation, and 10p-2a jock Skip Kelly normally steps
in to do news and/or traffic between "Best of Matty" segments.  They basically
move all the other shifts and have the overnighter come in at midnight instead
of 2AM.  My guess is that all should be back to normal by next Tuesday.

As far as the website goes, they are constantly updating it so they may be
taking this week to update the jock page.  However, there has been rumors that
Clear Channel may voicetrack overnights on their major market stations, so
there is the possibility of some changes.  Still, I can't see them making any
major changes in the on air lineup until Dale decides to hang up the cans.

Mike Thomas

Mark wrote:

> Are there changes in the air at WXKS-FM (Kiss 108) ???
> For quite a while the jocks have pulled 4 hour shifts on weekdays, but on
> Tuesday and Wednesday Midday jock Ed McMann has been doing 10AM-3PM, an
> extra hour.Dale Dorman is doing 3-7PM, instead of his usual 2-6PM. Artie
> the One Man Party follows at 7PM. I wasn't up late to find out if he was on
> till Midnight or not. The Kiss 108 website appears to have undergone a
> revamping, however the link to the jocks bios,etc is gone.Other than Matt
> Siegel, no mention of the jocks on the site.Is this a result of someone on
> vacation this week and instead of filling the spot with a part time/fill
> person, they just moved things around a bit? Or is this permanent?
> Mark Watson
> Mark Watson