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WCRN yet again

I forgot to mention that the station now IDs as WCRN 
Worcester, Framingham, Boston. Although the day signal 
may be awaiting an FCC OK before going to full power, 
I'd say that, based on my listening in Arlington, 
Belmont, Watertown, and a very small piece of Newton, as 
I drove to work this morning, I'd call Boston a stretch--
quite a stretch.

At home (Arlington Heights--Lexington line, near Route 
2), the best radio for picking up WCRN is a nondescript 
1970s-vintage Lloyds table radio helped out by a Select-
A-tenna passive loop. That setup brings the station in 
quite nicely day and night. The GE SuperRadio III 
actually seems to do better with WCRN at night. The day 
signal, though stronger than the night signal, is 
plagued by a birdie, which must be an artifact of the 
SRIII's varactor tuning. There is a similar, though less 
severe problem with WBPS during the day--but also not at