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--- Dan Strassberg <Dan.Strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> months, WBNW 1120 has carried the Bloomberg Morning Show from 5:00 AM until
> 8:30. Before that, the program was on WXKS (AM) 1430. It is unclear whether
> this show will switch from 1120 to 1060. If the program leaves 1120,
> presumably WBNW will be back to picking up the Business Talk Network from
> Colorado Springs in AM drive as it does in some other day parts. My personal
> opinion is that Bleidt and Kirchner's live, local AM drive show, which 1060
> has been carrying, is much more interesting and lively than the Bloomberg
> show. I think it would be a mistake for  WBIX to switch.

Bloomberg won't arrive until March. They only served 'BNW with the 90-day
notice last week and 'BNW will keep it running full 90 days from what
I am told. 'BNW is not likely to pick up BTR Network. They are
looking into a couple other options. One of them is a new fromat produced
by the big media baron which may or may not make its way to Boston...

> Mark Mills from Channel 5 will apparently be doing PM drive. The only Mills
> I am familiar with in Boston radio is Nick Mills, who used to be on the old
> WHDH (AM) and the old WBNW.

He'll also serve as a PD under a new format.

> Clearly, Gene Burns will yet again become part of Boston radio history. And
> I'd guess that Bell will also, although there was a suggestion that he might
> return to the station whenever it begins the nighttime service for which it
> holds a CP.

The word is that he'll return in some capacity but it's not clear
as of now...

> does move the WMEX calls to 1470, what will happen to the WSRO calls? Those
> are _great_ call letters that have got to be worth some $$$. Morevoer, the
> WSRO calls could work just about anywhere, whereas the WMEX calls have value
> mainly in the Boston market. If Langer isn't interested in hanging on to the
> WSRO calls, but wants to cash in, he's got to move the calls to one of his
> other properties while he works out a deal. Otherwise, the next owner can
> get them for free.

One thing I can tell you is that the station already has a number suitors
so 'who and how much' is just a matter of months...

Happy Holidays,


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