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Heritage calls lost

With the purchase of Channel 18 in Hartford by Univision, and the 
changing of their call letters from WHCT to WUVN, it struck me that the 
WHCT calls have been on Channel 18 since the early 1950s.  This must be 
some kind of record, especially for a UHF station.

Of course, the station hasn't been on the air continuously, but has a 
very interesting history:

     owned by CBS in the 1950s before WTIC-TV (now WFSB) existed
     ran the country's first pay-per-view service
     ran a lot of CBS shows not picked up by WTIC
     given by RKO General to Faith Center, run by the odd Rev. Scott
     became an indie in the 1980s with decent programming and big media 
     went dark (again)
     came back as shopping and worship, owned by Pax, but Channel 26 New 
       got the Pax affiliation for the market
     will become Spanish language as WUVN in 2001.