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Re: Heldebergs antenna farm

On 21 Dec 2000,  Strassberg, Dan  (Cahners) wrote:

> After Capital Cities bought WROW from the original owner, Harry L Goldman,
> the FM license was surrendered to the FCC. 

I remember WROW being owned by a company called Hudson Valley 
Broadcasting.  Was that Goldman?

> Several years later, after WROW-TV had moved to Channel 10 in Vail Mills
> from Channel 41 at the N Greenbush site, the relationship between WROW and
> WRPI came to good use again. 

Around 1955 or so, WROW-TV became WCDA, with a sattelite station on 
channel 29 called WCDB.  So technically, it wasn't WROW-TV that moved to 
channel 10, it was WCDA-WCDB that moved and became WTEN.  I wasn't in 
Albany by that time.  I sure would have liked to see the promotion for 
that move.

After WMGT 19 on Mount Graylock, in Massachusetts, lost its tower in a 
storm, they re-built and became WCDC, which I believe they still are, 
relaying WTEN as they used to relay WCDA-WCDB.

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