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Re: 740-Toronto

At 10:37 AM 12/21/00 -0500, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>[Scott Fybush said the new 740 in Toronto has] more processing than the 
>CBC ever used.  I fear that night-time listenership to WJIB is about to 
>take a sharp drop.
I wonder from what farthest point from 443 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA that 
Bob has received a valid "QSL- type" request?

Takin' it Easy99.1,
Bill Piacentini
As we close the 20th Century A.D. with a few more days of 2000 left, let me 
join with my favorite radio station: locally-owned WPLM-FM 99.1 with 
perhaps the largest playlist in the free world playing a unique blend of 
great music by great artists in wishing everyone success in its third year 
(and second century) of its unique format!