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Re: "Hub 66"

Well, given your past track record of predictions....I wasn't holding you to
anything!  (That *was* you with the predictions last year abvout this time,

(Does anyone have last years predictions archived?)

By the way, do you wanna go out on a limb and predict the market changes for
2001?  :-)


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> December 20th, 2000
> It turns out I had prematurely speculated about the end of WHUB-66's
> at being an independent TV station.
> While the station has replaced three hours of weekday morning programming
> with the Home Shopping Network, they are still running their syndicated
> lineup after 12 Noon. It is possible they may do so until the ownership
> changes, which might not be until sometime in April or May.
> Thus, I would think the current staff will stay until the ownership
> (unless WHUB is able to get out of their commitments to air the syndicated
> programs they own and go HSN 24 hours a day before the ownership change),
> and it's possible that some of them (perhaps technical types and the ad
> sales staff) could very well stay on under the new ownership, as the
> WUNI-27/WHUB-66 Spanish-language TV duopoly
> will probably result in the launch of a local Spanish-language newscast
> which you may need the technical people), and two channels of
> Spanish-language programming, including some local news, for which you'd
> need the ad sales staff.
> I apologize for jumping the gun, and sadly declaring "Hub 66" dead when in
> fact, it will probably be around for a few more months, until the new
> take over.
> Happy Holidays!!
> Joseph Gallant
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