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It was a no-brainer for NBC, actually

NBC decided not to cut away from their showing of Titanic to show the 
election certification live.  CBS, ABC and Fox did show the ceremony live.
It seems to me that NBC could have cut away for live coverage and easily
rejoined the movie where they left off.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

NBC has one of the most popular movies in easily the last 25 years making 
it's network debut tonight and that in and of itself is why I'm surprised 
that anybody would doubt their decision not to interrupt the movie.  I mean 
this isn't some rerun of Mad About You that were talking about here.  
Granted, this is an important matter but if people want to see the results 
that bad, isn't that what MSNBC was made for?  Even though this was exciting 
on election night, this whole thing has gotten ugly by even Washington's 
standards and no matter what the final outcome is, this may have made 
whoever gets to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. a lame duck before he gets 
sworn in.  Now, MSNBC is saying that good ole George W. plans to speak to 
the nation at 9:30 tonight.  For this NBC probably won't have much of a 
choice BUT to interrupt the movie.  To think that NBC's out of luck, there 
is only one conclusion that will be true at the end of the night and that is 
the ship still sank
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