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Re: NERW 11/20

Dean Johnson's Herald column today says that the
presidential controversy came along at a good time for
WRKO in one other way: Lori Kramer's contract ran out
and she didn't like their renewal offer. The plan was
to move Kramer and McCarthy to 9-noon in place of
Not-A-Doctor Laura (gee! You don't think she's cooled
off a bit?), and they'd need someone to do 7-10 pm
in place of "the Divas".

So having Moe Lauzier come in to do political talk at
this time not only fills the time slot (for now)
but attracts some listeners who wish to talk chads,
military ballots, etc.

Meanwhile Darlene McCarthy and Andy Moes are also
up for contract renewal...

--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Re: local talk on WRKO--
> WRKO can probably afford to pay for this increased
> local talk since they're no doubt drawing higher
> ratings due to the ongoing story. 

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