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Re: NERW 11/20

Sounds like an interesting music mix!

--- Scott D Fybush <fybush@world.std.com> wrote:
> *Across the river in NEW HAMPSHIRE, Bob Vinikoor has
>  flipped his WNTK
>  (1020 Newport) from talk to what he's calling "Home
>  Town Music," a mix of classic country, folk, and 
>  blues.

Re: local talk on WRKO--
WRKO can probably afford to pay for this increased
local talk since they're no doubt drawing higher
ratings due to the ongoing story. Added benefit to
them (and to all talk or news stations) is the "new
listeners" they've gained, people who are interested
in the controversy and are trying talk stations like
WRKO "for the first time". Whether or not these "new
listeners" will stay is yet to be determined.

>  *Speaking of Boston and MASSACHUSETTS, we're > 
> hearing that the
political fireworks down in Florida are forcing talker
WRKO (680) to
shift its schedule a bit, de-emphasizing the
"lifestyle" talk in favor
of harder-edged political talk.  

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