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More Northeast Format Rumors

Just as you thought it was safe to turn the dial in the southern part of New 
York state, two more format change rumors (well, one more of a uncomfirmed 
thing announced on air) are going around.

In Poughkeepsie, talk WKIP (1450) has played promos on air announcing that 
"The Music of Your Life is coming soon". No date has been given, but if it 
happens it would leave Poughkeepsie without a talker in the city proper 
(Kingston's WGHQ being the closest.) Also, if the fall book (or billings) is 
not kind to the recently-flipped-to-sports WEOK, could they end up flipping 
back to the talk format they dumped in part to the threat that 
Premiere/Clear Channel would move their Rush/Laura package to, of all 
places, WKIP?

On Long Island, some rumblings of a change at country WMJC (94.3 Smithtown), 
but to what? The area is over AC'd (with owner Banrnstable owning two of 
them, WKJY in Nassau County and WLVG Center Morcihes-Riverhead, the latter 
with no ratings and very little listenership of what I've observed over 
there), rock is taken care of (Barnstable owns classic rock WRCN), CHR also 
is overdone.

Then there are other potential flips that look like they could happen soon 
that I've mentioned before (WCTJ, WTND, etc.) Will it ever end:)

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