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Re: Sports Radio

That gives LA 570 (Fox), 1110 (ESPN), 1150 (isn't that locally originated?)
and 1540 (One on One). Well, since Infinity has two news stations each in
New York (880 and 1010) and LA (980 and 1070), I guess that Clear Channel
can have two sports station in LA (570 and 1150). And whereas New York
already has two sports stations (660 and 620--if you really count 620 as
serving the market, which I think is open to serious question) and may soon
have a third (based on a rumor here that 1050 is in play), it already has
three news stations (the two I already mentioned plus 1130, especially now
that Bloomberg is apparently planning to have 1130 go head to head with
880). If you exclude suburban signals such as 540, 1160, and 1430, which
each cover only small parts of the market, that would divide the English
language stations on the AM dial in New York as follows: News 3, Talk 2 (710
and 770), Sports 3, Religion 2 (570 and 970), Radio Disney 1 (1560), and
English-language ethnic 2 (primarily African-American oriented--1190 and
1600). That's six formats on signals that (except for 620 any time and 1600
at night) do a reasonable job of covering at least the five boroughs. I
guess six English-language formats on AM in a market of 15 million or so is
at least as much diversity as anyone can hope for in this age of


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>If you don't think Boston can support a third fulltime sports
>station, just check out the sports madness overtaking LA market.
>Disney's KRLA AM 1110 will flip the talk station
>to ESPN Radio on Dec.1 to become the 4th sports signal
>there(Viacom is selling it to Disney per FCC's divesture ruling).
>And the word is that Clear Channel will flip KLAC AM 570(Lakers' flagship)
>to Fox Radio Sports by year's end...