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Re: Maine TV station breaks Bush drunk driving story

Chris Beckwith wrote:
>>However, the Fox 51 reporter *was* interviewed on NBC's Today Show this
morning, and in the "hard news" 7:00-7:30 AM block, to boot.  <<


   hadn't heard that the Fox reporter had hit the big shows.  thanks for 
clearing that one up.  all of the references i heard were on the various 
morning shows on my ride home this morning.  the only mentions of "Fox" were 
just that, "Fox".  other national mentions were of a "Portland television 
station" or "a Maine Fox affiliate".
   on WGAN (Dan Cole, as a matter of fact), the soundbites i heard were of 
Susan Kimball (from WCSH).  and since they (the reporters) were both there at 
the same time, it would make sense to interview one or the other.  
   to clarify.. the only "name" that i heard during coverage this morning was 
Susan's.  as to why the item was "unearthed" now?  Steve Martin is known to 
mention that comedy is usually in the ti     -     ming.   
    one other question:  did Imus have Senator McCain on this morning?  i'd 
hate to have been in the same room as that man when this story broke.  for 
his liking, he'd have probably preferred that the story had broken back in 

- -Chuck Igo