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Re: WCCC (AM) flips to Classical; WHUC flips to Standards

Well a posting here yesterday said that financially-
strapped WCLV Cleveland traded it's full B signal on 
95.5 to Salem for cash plus 1420 in Cleveland and a 
Class A FM in Lorain OH. WCLV has been classical forever 
and presumably will continue classical until it goes 
belly up (probably not too long).

Salem, having just bought two of Cleveland's three 50-kW 
AMs (850 and 1220) had no need for 1420 or its other 
Cleveland AM (1300, I think).

Allegedly, WCLV claimed that, the Cleveland/Lorain AM/FM 
combo will cover better in digital stereo than the 
former 95.5 signal covers now. Considering that the 
claim is based in part on the coverage of 1420 in 
digital stereo, I'm preparing to sell a bridge that I 
own to WCLV's owners.

There is also a classical-formatted AM in Denver that 
bounced between successively poorer FM facilities until 
it landed on a fairly poor AM signal. The station, which 
I believe is owned by Clear Channel, may in fact now be 
on its way down the Denver AM food chain. I seem to 
recall that, since moving to AM, it has gone from a 5-kW 
signal on 1280 to a 1-kW graveyard signal on 1340. I'm 
not sure of that, however.

> And, classical on AM, I haven't heard of  that since the days of 
> WQXR(AM).  I wonder if there are many others, not counting 
> rebroadcasts of public stations like the one in Bennington, VT (if 
> they're still doing that?)?