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Re: First Reference to Digital AM Radio I've Seen So Far

I just heard about this from my friend Tim Davisson
in Ohio, who occasionally posts to this list. I think
he said religious broadcaster Salem is buying WCLV
and the classical station will wind up eventually on
AM 1420 and FM 104.9, as you say, but the FM will
indeed be very weak. (What's Class A, 3,000 watts?)

So expect religion on 95.5 mHz in Cleveland, I
guess. (WCLV, by the way, produces the syndicated
"Weekend Radio" show which blends classical music,
novelty songs and listener-sent "bloopers" from

--- lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> There's a blockbuster announcement about WCLV-FM
> Cleveland at their website www.wclv.com.  They're
> swapping away their 95.5 frequency for a class 'A'
> frequency in Lorain, OH(104.9)plus an AM on 1420. 

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