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Re: "former" college stations

Yep, WMMC rings a bell-- I do remember them having
a station  and am pretty sure those were the calls.
Couldn't remember their frequency...

Philips Academy's WPAA is indeed at 91.7, same freq
as the station I've been with for nearly 20 years
(WMWM, Salem State). I remember driving through the
Harold Parker State Forest in Middleton with WMWM
coming in (though spotty) at 4 pm in the afternoon;
suddenly, a transmitter was turned on and I heard
"WPAA now returns to the air," etc. So same freq
as WMWM.

> With all that, it amazes me that someone would allow
> a station to go
> dark...and hand in the license.
> Anyone share any information on Merrimack College's
> WMMC...and their demise?
> I think it was on 90.7?  (Phillips Acadamy is 91.7,
> right?)

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