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Re: in like flynn

Not to mention that he's a frequent guest on the 'Journalist Roundtable" portion of Ch 9's (WMUR) "Close-Up NH" program (which I watch faithfully every Sunday...thought I really want to throw things at the TV listening to Kathy Sullivan's rhetoric!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

"David W. Harris" <dwh@totalnetnh.net> wrote:
> For a radio guy, I've been seeing an awful lot of WZID news director
Kevin Flynn
this month.  He showed up on PBS stations nationwide in the POV
documentary "Live Free or Die," in which he tried to help the filmmaker
secure an interview with an anti-abortion activist.  He subbed as anchor
on NHPTV's (and NHPR's) coverage of the impeachment trial of NH Supreme
Court Chief Justice David Brock when Allison McNair (known as Ally
McNair when she was a cable host) couldn't be there.
And a color picture of him operating a starter's pistol was used to
illustrate a NH Sunday News article on NH Radio Theatre.