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Re: "former" college stations

I wrote:
>Back when MIT's student-run AM carrier current station was looking to
>obtain an FM license [footnote 1], the original thought was that MIT

And, of course, I dropped a neuron and forgot to include [footnote 1].
So here it is...

[footnote 1] The original intent was to obtain a commercial license,
as the station's carrier current operation was commercial and was also
entirely self-sufficient by that point.  Unfortunately, by the time
they got around to seriously investigating the licensing procedure,
all commercial FM allocations available in Boston at that time had
been taken.  All that was left was one non-commercial allocation, at
88.1 MHz, the least desireable allocation because of its proximity to
TV Channel 6.  But there was nothing else available, so 88.1 it was,
and still is.