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RE: Time to update at least one interesting tower site

On the FM 128 Tower , the top master antenna is, WBMX 98.5 and WCRB 102.5..
ON the mast, near the bottom of the Mast, is WJMN.

ON the actual tower, side mounted, at the top is WBUR.

On the tower , on the side, a ways down, is WODS.

Below WODS is a two bay ERI antenna which I can't find any license of who
owns/uses it but I am assuming it's just a back up antenna.

WGBH-FM will be running 21kW from 323m AAT. According to my calculations
using FMPOWER, this is weaker than a C1 but stronger than a B (C1 would be
84kW, B would be 10.5kW).