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Re: WVII to launch second TV station

According to the  (in my opinon poorly written, vague)  article in
today's  BDN; they will be on UHF-Channel 30 which is the old "Maine PBS
Plus" channel from a few years back. I'm surprised they can broadcast so
close to WBGR-LPTV Ch.33UHF so I would  presume this will be another
LPTV, not a full-powered UHF.
But I'm willing to bet Adelphia does yank WSBK totally off the system,
at least in Bangor and the rest of its' Eastern Maine systems, once it
does get on air.

As for WABI-DT, they are not on air yet. They had a feature story on
their 6:00 newscast a couple of weeks ago saying they were starting
construction, and mounting a new antenna and tower adjacent to their
present Ch.5 tower in Dixmont. WABI-TV is also running an "Educational
Campaign" to familirize viewers with DTV in conjunction with the new
Best Buy Store that opened this month at the Bangor Mall. They invite
people to stop by Best Buy to see (and hopefully buy, I'm sure) live DTV
programming, or stop by the WABI Studios for a free pamphlet on DTV.

On another note, yesterday's Bangor Daily News had a brief article,
which was not on their web site, about the new Maine Public Radio
station in Camden (WMEP 90.5). It will be sharing the WQSS 102.5 tower
and facilities on Ragged Mtn. in Rockport. According to the article
construction will start next spring and it should be  on-air next

SoapBox time:
I have commented before that I think this is a waste since there are 3
other MPR signals available in the area; and although reception in the
Camden area is not perfect, if somebody wants to receive MPR bad enough,
they can tune to WMEA Portland 90.1, WMEW Waterville 91.3 or WMEH Bangor
90.9. with just a basic outside antenna.  I would rather see the new
facilities located around Farmington or Skowhegan to better serve NW
Maine; especially since it looks like the Cumulus/WHQO-107.9 deal is
highly improbable now.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine