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Fwd: Re: Another AM pushing the envelope

Well, the NIGHT signal is absolutely ZERO so what I'm
seeing and hearing betwixt 5:45 and 6:30 AM is
stronger...and there's no "jump" at 7:00 like with
WRKO and WEEI in Boston, WCAP in Lowell or WGIR
in Manchester when they alter their patterns.

> Well, I'm not saying that you can't tell the difference between WBPS
> operating with 3400W and 25,000W, but in Methuen, it could be difficult. The
> night pattern is enough fatter than the day pattern that somewhere between
> Lowell and Nashua there may well be no difference in signal strength. The
> day pattern has to protect WOTW significantly; the night pattern does not,
> and, notwithstanding the much greater day power, there may actually be a
> small arc over which the night signal is actually stronger. Methuen is more
> to the east, if memory serves, so the difference should be apparent there,
> though not necessarily pronounced. (One might say, not as different as night
> and day:-) Now, in, say, Dorchester the day signal should be MUCH stronger.
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