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Re: 1510 at night?

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> If the big WNRB signal in New York City was heard 
> between midnight and 6:00 AM, it might have been WNRB 
> testing the looser noncritical-hours day pattern for 
> which it holds a CP. But I don't think that WNRB has 

WNRB is a usual catch here in New York City, although next-door up
neighbor WWKB/Buffalo (1520 kc) is much more of an easier catch.

I remember catching WNRB one night when they were a religious station
during the day, but overnights were released to a group who 
was running Spanish tropical (salsa, merengue, cumbia) music as Radio
Galaxia 1510.  The music mix was terrific; much better than what passes
for Spanish music radio here in NYC on FM.

The signal was quite listenable and stable, and I was picking this up on a
Sony Walkman radio; so go figure.... :)

Sven F. Weil
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