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Re: WTKK webpage?

http://www.wtkk.com/ brings you right to their page and they do also have streaming audio.
There is a listen live link right up top.

hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:

> All 4 other Gtr Media Stations (WBOS,WKLB,WROR,WMJX) DO have streaming audio. BTW...unlike the other 4 that use their call letters for URLs (wbos.com, wklb.com etc), WTKK uses www.969fmtalk.com for its URL. It also appears WTKK is on a different server than the other 4 stations, which may account for the lack of streaming audio.
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Derry NH
> www.03038.com
> Luke Steele <planetradio@ifriendly.com> wrote:
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> >From: dan.strassberg@att.net
> >To: Kevin Vahey
> >Subject: Re: WTKK webpage?
> >Date: Fri, Oct 13, 2000, 8:49 AM
> >
> > You could have answered your own question in less time
> > than it is taking me to answer it. The URL of WTKK's Web
> > site is www.wtkk.com. There is no streaming audio. I
> > suspect that Greater Media has the same opinion of
> > streaming audio as Uncle Mel. But even if they don't,
> > since WTKK carries Imus, Mel would probably put the
> > kibosh on streaming that program.
> Doesn't WBOS stream though??
> Luke Steele