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On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Scott D Fybush wrote:

> Garrett points out, correctly, that the Burlington TVs are seen
> in Canadian market #3 (and yes, Montreal still holds that rank 
> AFAIK) -- but neglects to mention that they're also seen on cable
> in most of the other populated areas of La Belle Province.  I don't
> know where Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and the Mauricie (Trois-Rivieres)
> rank among Canadian markets, but I can say from experience that
> their cable systems also get WCAX, WPTZ, and WVNY.  Sherbrooke, at
> least, also gets WFFF -- but I don't know about the rest.  I also
> can't vouch for which PBS station gets picked up.
> Hull, of course, gets Rochester stations just like Ottawa.  I have no
> idea what US stations are on cable in more remote areas like
> Riviere du Loup or Rimouski, but I'd guess it's one of the satellite
> packages from Detroit or Boston (with Rochester's WUHF for Fox :-)
> As for Fermont, Waswanippi, and Waskagonish (sp? sp?!?!?), you'd have
> to ask Garrett...
> -s