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Re: VT Market Size (was:Re: WRRO)

The stations do hit some Albany cable systems, IIRC.  Is cable
penetration included in ADI calculations?  As for WRRO, it's somewhat
south (20+ mi.) of Burlington proper, so I am not sure how well it
would travel north of the border, eh?

The station has some listenable moments with it's greatest point being
a decent mix of CR and newer releases.  But the young-ish and eager
talent during drives too greatly contrasts on the mid-day and night
music driven/minimal verbal/?tracked presentation.  I find that more
noteable here in VT than in MA that dayparts need more in common.  I
might be just getting old, but mic retraint has some listenable
rewards.  Also, can we outlaw the word "I" as a dope-slap offense?  "I
think" should yield double-secret probation.

Bill O'Neill

> > I don't believe that Burlington-Plattsburgh is such
> > a small market anymore, especially considering that
> > the TV stations are on cable systems from southern
> > VT to Montreal.  Perhaps someone else can supply more
> > of the details.
> > =====
> > Larry Weil
> According to the Jan. 2000 Market list I have...
> Burlington-Plattsburg is Market #91 w/ 260,000+ households.
> --MIKE